Choosing The Appropriate Size Of Your Rental Van

When you are planning to move to a new apartment or a house, it is very crucial that you rent a vehicle which can help you out during that process. While renting a vehicle is quite easy, deciding the actual size of the vehicle that you need is a bit tricky as you want to keep the cost efficiency as best as possible while you are also getting the job done without too much trouble.

Naturally, the first thing to do when it comes to picking a size of a vehicle that you are planning to rent is to do some research on the options that your local companies are offering. If you are moving things in a single direction, you can always go for the professional one way van hire hire from Go With The Gecko as there are many different options when it comes to vehicle sizes.

Sizes of rental vehicles

Once you decide which company you are going to rent a vehicle from, the easiest way to narrow things down when it comes to the size of the vehicle is to simply remove all the options that the company does not offer for your situation. After that, it is always best to go by the golden rule which implies that if you are unsure if the vehicle you are planning to rent is big enough, just go for the next bigger vehicle instead.

For local moves, smaller rental trucks or vans are the most popular option as you will probably not move around too many things at once anyway. If you are moving into a small bedroom apartment or if you are moving things into a new studio, then the 10’ or 12’ truck is going to be more than enough for that situation.

Pick out the perfect van size for your occasion

Best vehicle to rent for moving to a small home

If you happen to be moving into a 1-2 bedroom apartment or house, you will probably want to go for a 14’ or 17’ truck. You can always try to UTE hire Newcastle like Go With The Gecko as they always have various trucks available, and the 14’-17’ are usually the cheapest ones.

While big trucks are usually the best rental option for moving, sometimes things don’t really work out if certain items are slightly bigger than a certain dimension of the vehicle. Because of that, you should always consider measuring your biggest item like your bed, computer desk, or whatever another item you don’t really want to re-assemble during the moving process.

In case you are still not sure which size is the best for you, then you can always contact the renting company to come over and inspect the furniture as well as other items that you are planning to move. After all, both of you would like the transaction go to as quick and as smooth as possible, so asking the professionals for help is never a bad idea.

Transport all of your items in an easy manner by renting a van

Final Word

When it comes to renting a vehicle, you will often have to pack everything yourself. With that in mind, you should always consider getting a bigger vehicle as you will probably not use all of the space as efficiently as professional movers, and you would probably not be in the mood for multiple trips no matter what the distance.