Factors to Be Considered When Purchasing a Motorcycle

Buying a new motorcycle is an exciting process and it is important to consider certain factors before purchasing the “perfect” bike.

Size of the Engine

The unit of measurement of an engine is cubic centimetre or simply CCs. This refers to the volume inside the engine where air and fuel is combined to power up the bike. Therefore higher the number of CC’s in a motorcycle, bigger the engine and bigger the engine, more powerful and faster the motorcycle is.

The weight of the bike

Heavy motorcycles are harder to operate. Pushing it around if knocked over is a cumbersome process.

Height of the seat

For convenience, your feet should touch the ground while straddling the bike. Measuring the length of your leg i.e., from your groin to the bottom of your feet, prior is very important. If the seat height is higher than the measurement, the bike is considered to be tall.

Brand new motorcycle or a used one?

Buying a brand new motorcycle is always better but it can be pretty expensive and way over your budget. Before settling for a second-hand motorcycle it is good to check out sites like   https://performancenc.ca/vehicules/usages/spyder/ to view the different price ranges. Buying a used motorcycle is not a bad choice but a lot of consideration is to be put in prior to its purchase

Level of experience

Some bikes require more manoeuvring skills than the others. It is best to get acquitted first. Riding a bike is fun, but the level of skills required differs for each one. Bikes can be dangerous if placed under the wrong hands, and this mostly applies to people that lack experience. It is suggested that you take a refresher course to assess your riding skills and abilities


Your lifestyle determines your choice of bike and the model. The choice also depends on how you intend to ride the bike, for example: if you intend to be in the racing field, you must go with a sports bike.


Spending way over your budget is not a smart idea. Purchasing a bike should be discrete and should not drive you into a debt. Telling your budget while approaching the dealer is a good idea as that can help them to guide you better. Always keep other options in your mind, if you are expecting to save money, you can always buy a used one. For newbies a high performance bike may not be the best idea.