Fun in the Sun and a History Lesson in One

The best attractions in the Mayan Riviera are those ruins that dot the landscape, standing in silent tribute to the vibrant communities that once flourished along the valleys in Chichen Itza and Tulum.  Many tourists return with the obligatory photo taken while they were perched atop the pyramid at Chichen Itza and will tell you with authority how many steps there are to climb.  Where they see static stone structures, others can easily visualize families going about their everyday lives.  They can imagine them taking time away from tending their fields and herds to plan community functions to honor their ancestors in rituals and festivals.  And they can delight in the beauty of the region that still offers a tranquil respite today.  Now, you can experience an even better time if you book your Mayan getaway through Experiencias Xcaret.  They offer the best parks and tours in Cancun and Riviera Maya.  But don’t book your tour until you search Groupon so you can apply one of the many discounts they offer for Experiencias Xcaret.  You’ll save lots of money on the most exciting adventures the region offers when you do.

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