How to Find The Right Car And Dealer for Yourself

With the wide range of car brands in the market today, coupled with the increasing range of confusing specifications, it is no wonder that one can get lost in this multitude of information. While you may head to the Internet to get your required information, an essential aspect of the buying process would be to find a trusted dealer that you can have a working relationship with.

Different types of vehicles manufactured

Before purchasing a vehicle, you ought to know the differences between each of them. For vehicles that are more suited towards city driving, you may consider a sedan, hatchback, or even a station wagon. For more of an off-road driving experience, you could consider heavy duty vehicles such as the Sport-Utility Vehicle (SUV), Four-Wheel Drive (4WD), Pick-Up Truck, etc.

Why purchase from an exclusive dealer?

Whether you are in the market for a new and used car, purchasing it from a dealer that has exclusive distribution rights has more benefits over a general dealer. For example, Phillip Mitsubishi offers a much higher warranty period on their cars. For a business who wish to set up a fleet of company vehicles, Phillip Mitsubishi offers a 5 year or 100,000km warranty (whichever comes first) on the vehicles. This is unparalleled and it would be unobtainable if you were to approach a general dealer.

Other perks of purchasing from an exclusive dealer

Purchasing directly from an exclusive dealer gives you a range of benefits. These could range from: lower interest rates on an in-house loan, exclusive freebies that are given out, preferential treatment when it comes to servicing your vehicle, and even roadside assistance, should your vehicle breakdown in the middle of the road. In most cases, the price of a car at an exclusive dealer may be higher, but think of the convenience and benefits that are offered to you, and you will soon find out that it is much more worthwhile than heading to a general dealer.

Going down to a car dealer

An exclusive car dealer may sometimes take in cars that are of a different brand and this offers consumers a wider range of variety. Do note that priority may not be placed on these cars, and the authorised mechanics may not be able to solve some of the issues pertaining to it. If you are really interested in a particular brand of car, ring the dealer up or even heading down to the physical location might help. When a client has sold his car to the dealer, there will be a period of time where it will be sitting in the workshop, waiting to be checked. This will be a good time to have a first look at it before others do.

As the car dealer is the middleman in the purchase of your car, an established one would normally have a huge inventory, various locations that they have set up shops in, a range of financing options, impressive online reviews, and even the years that they have been in business. All of these factors point towards a positive business model if they are able to obtain such a huge amount of support from their clients.