How to Hit Your Driver Straight

Being able to hit a good driver shot off the tee is a crucial part of the game as we all know. However, knowing how to hit a clean, straight driver down the middle of the fairway will mean that at least 90% of other golfers will struggle to even compete with you on the course. However getting it wrong can see you hooking or slicing it into the rough and losing vital position on the fairway – check out the top tips below for hitting the perfect driver shot.

Why so Many Golfers Get it Wrong

Many golfers seem to have a mental blockage when they get out the big boy from the bag. It’s easy to think that the best thing to do is smack it down the fairway as hard as you can and hope that it lands where you want it to. However, as it’s a big club, any movement during the swing is going to be amplified when you reach the ball and are about to make contact. Being able to control yourself and control the swing itself will help you avoid what many golfers do and see it disappear into the bushes.

There are many times when I’ve seen a fellow golfer have a good round and then let it all go by losing his nerve when a good driver shot is required somewhere down the back nine. It’s easy to do and there are thousands of golfers that struggle to get the ball down the fairway with an easy driver off the tee.

If you want to know how to hit a driver, the best way is to swing easy. It can make a huge difference to your game by learning how to swing the club easier and more fluid. If you go to the driving range and concentrate only on swinging the club nice and easy, it will transform your ability to position yourself for a good approach shot when you get onto the course. You will make more consistent impact with the ball, and it will reduce the amount of side-spin you naturally place on the ball because the club head won’t be travelling as fast or with as much force.

Another top tip is to switch to a low spin ball. A lower spin off of the tee means that the ball is going to go a lot straighter even if your ball does move right or left. Recommended balls include the Titleist DT SoLo, the Precept Laddie, or the Maxfli Noodle. You can find these balls anywhere from $13 to $20 per dozen, and they will have a big impact in reducing the side spin that you naturally place on the ball.

So, by putting into practice the tips above you can dramatically increase your chances of hitting the fairway with a clean, crisp driver shot off the tee. The tips are simple but they have helped many golfers see their golf swing improve and hit a perfect driver shot and they can help you too.